The Barcelona Wink team has selected for you, its top 5 activities in Barcelona to do when on vacation with kids:

Barcelona with children, the top 5

Go to Ciutadella Park

This is Barcelona’s main park, a lot of small Central Park in Barcelona designed for the Universal Exhibition of 1888. It houses the Parliament of Catalonia, a monumental fountain on which the young Gaudí worked on, the Castle of 3 Dragons designed by Luis Domènech i Montaner and a small lake on which you can take a boat ride on. Take a photo of the unmissable Mamut statue and finally if you want to visit the Zoo in Barcelona Ciutadella.

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Go to the heights of Barcelona

Nothing like “to take the height” as the famous Snow Queen of Barcelona sings. Take a trip to the city of Tiburabo for the youngest of 3 to 12 years. It is the oldest theme park in Europe. Not only will children have fun, but you will enjoy a unique view of the city.

What to do in Barcelona with your family: our top 5

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– for older children of 9 years old: choose a short hike on the heights of Barcelona. This walk accompanied by Florence will allow you to discover Barcelona as a family off the beaten track.

Resumed from mid August. Book your tour here .

To go to the beach

Barcelona is a gorgeous city with amazing beaches, no less than 10 in total if you count the bathing area del Forùm. Not long after the Olympic Games of 1992 the beaches of Barcelona become popular … the beaches have been landscaped and now they are in perfect condition for families on vacation. Whatever the season, it’s always nice to stroll along the sea.

If you want to discover Barceloneta in a different way to your family snorkeling experience.  This is the perfect thing to do with your teens and pre-teens!

What to do in Barcelona with your family: our top 5

Its advised that you visit our calendar of July  to avoid overcrowded beaches and timeframes.

Discovering Gaudí while having fun

Discover Barcelona with your family and also discover the architect who left his mark in the city: Antoni Gaudí. He is the architect of the famous and emblematic Sagrada Familia. The inspiration comes from nature and the buildings and many animals and plants! Children love discovering his work! Find our full article on Gaudí in Barcelona .

What to do in Barcelona with your family: our top 5

We offer discovery tours of Barcelona that allow your family to visit hidden art works of Gaudí with interesting treasure hunts!


What to do in Barcelona with your family: our top 5

A beautiful way to apprehend culture and architecture with children and especially to have a good time with family!

Discover Catalan folk culture

In Catalonia … there are many inter-generational festivities. If you want to feel the atmosphere of real Barcelona Festa Majores.   Attending a few festivals is the best way to spend family vacations with children!

Find here the 2018 calendar by district and by dates.

The free museum lets you see giants and other traditional parade figures. This is the Casa del Entremesos, find their website here with all the info.

We hope you have an amazing vacation with your family and your children.

For more information about booking your appointment or family apartment here is our website … have a nice family vacation!

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