When we talk about Barcelona, we automatically think of Gaudi. This amazing architect contributed in making Barcelona, a city with a unique character and mystery.

The works of Antoni Gaudi fascinates just as many children as it does adults.

So which works of Gaudi’s should you visit in Barcelona? There are many, with the majority very famous all over the world, but there are also the ones that are more intimate,unique and less frequented. What is for sure, however, is that whichever one you chose, Gaudi will not let you down!


Gaudi’s unmissable masterpieces

Make sure you take into consideration that if you wish to visit some of Gaudi’s unmissable masterpieces during school holidays, you will definitely need to make reservations up to 48 hours/ a week prior to your visit.

Sagrada Familia

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenThe unfinished masterpiece…its construction started in 1882 under the direction of Francisco del Villarr. After his resignation in 1883, Gaudi resumed his work the work until his surprising and accidental death in 1926. This work is still in construction and, according to predictions, these will continue until 2026. Classified as UNESCO heritage site in 2005 and by the Consecrated Basilica in 2010 by Pope Benedicto XVI, the Sagrada Familia is the most visited monument i Spain. More than 3,5 million visitors discover this grand work every year.

Where is it? Carrer Mallorca, 401. Metro L2 and L5, stop Sagrada Família


Casa Battló

Discover Gaudi : a game for childrenIn 1904, Josep Batllo i Casanovas, a wealthy industrialist of the time, decided to contract Antoni Gaudi to replenish his house which he had brought in 1903 and which appeared too bare next to his neighbour, la Casa Amatller; a chocolate house of which realization was put in the hands of another very famous architect of the time; Josep Puig i Cadafalch. Gaudi decided to conserve the main structure of the building, but to renovate the exterior face completely; adding two floors and re-doing the master appartment entirely, for the use of the owners. The result? The incredible house which seems to home a majestic dragon.
If you want to see this magnific house with your family, check out our website to discover our walking tour the Dragon-Casa Batlló which includes a tour with augmented reality and lots of other breath-taking surprises.

Where is it? Passeig de Gràcia, 43. Metro L2, L3, L4, stop Passeig de Gràcia

Pedrera- Casa Milà

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenAnother prestigious House of the Modernist Catalan era, also situated in Pasaig de Gracia, is the Casa Mila- also known as La Pedrera. This house is the last of Gaudi’s public masterpieces. Its terrace is known for its chimneys and their scandalous smell of the time. Strongly inspired by nature, this house is as far from being unanimous at the beginning of the XX century. The Milà-Segimon family refused to pay the fees of the architect who, as a result, was forced to bring the matter before the court. However, finally he was recognized and gave the amount to a convent.
To discover the secrets of this controversial house and find out about the Eixample neighbourhood, sign up with your family at Walking tour  de Eixample-La Pedrera .

Where is it? Carrer Provença, 261-265. Metro L3 and L5, stop Diagonal

Park Güell

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenThis park is an initiative of the politician Eusebi Guell. The objective was to aspire to the city-gardens mentioned by the English Ebenezer Howard in 1898. The idea was to create an equilibrium between city life and life amidst greenery. Guell provided Gaudi with a big piece of land, known at the time, as the Montaña Pelada. The intention was to construct a neighbourhood full of symbolism. However, the lack of interest from the Catalan bourgeoisies for this project meant that the work finished in 1914 with only two of the house constructed out of the 60 planned. Today, the zone named Monumental has cost of entry’ moreover, it is also where you can see the famous dragon and sit on the enormous bench which surrounds the square.
This park has one of the most breath-taking views of Barcelona. There is also a play area and the perfect pic nic spots! In the summer, don’t forget to take water and wear sun protection, as the sun will definitely come on your visit with you!

Where? Carrer Olot, 12. Metro L3 stops Vallcarca or Lesseps. Bus 24, 32, 92, 116 or H6

To visit Park Guëll and Casa Vicens it’s here

Gaudi’s works less visited

The House-Museum

This house-museum reminds of the years in which Gaudi lived in it, with the furnisher and other objects designed and created by him.Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for Children

For kids under 11 years; its free!
Where is it? Carretera del Carmel. Autobús 92, 24, stop Ctra del Carmel – Park Güell

 Hercules fontain and pergola of Gaudí in the park of Pedralbes

But its not just Park Guell that is home to Gaudi’s masterpieces! You can also go on a lovely walk in the Pedralbes park. On your walks you will discover a huge pergola under which you can cool down and admire the exquisite sculpture of Hercules with its peaks shaped like dragons.
This park also has a playing area for kids!
Entry is free.

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for Children Casa Calvet

This is the architect’s most conventional house. You can find it on Calle Casp., number 48. If you look closely, you will discover a multitude of mushrooms which decorate the facade. The owner, Sr. Calvet, manufacturer in the coastal village Vilasser de Mar, had made a fortune within the textile industry. However, he tended to waste his fortune so much so that he was obliged to sell his house at the Joan Boyer centre. The house changed from owner to renter, until it become one of the apartments of Casa Calvet.
Today, the house has an exquisite gourmet restaurant. An excellent idea for a romantic dinner!
Further details on the restaurant
Where is it? Carrer Casp, 48. Metro: L1 and L4, stop Urquinaona

Casa Vicens

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenCasa Vicens is the first masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí and sowed the seeds of later works.
Built between 1883 and 1885 as a summer house for the Vicens family, here he showcased his unparalleled talent. Declared Unesco World Heritage in 2005

Opening on 16th november 2017 !

Where is it? Carrer de les Carolines, 18-24. Metro L3, stop Fontana
information and booking here

Palau Güell

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenIn 1885, Eusebi Guell commissioned Antoni Gaudi, who at the time was 34 years old, to construct an urban palace; stern looking on the outside but magnificent in its interior. The building, near Las Ramblas, is easily recognizable for its colourful chimneys on the balcony.

Where is it? Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5. Metro L3, stop Liceu

When leaving Palau Guell, why not visit the Placa Reial? Here you will discover two beautiful lampposts, decorated with dragons designed by the brilliant architecture.



Torre Bellesguard

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenOf all the works by Gaudi, the Bellesguard Tower is the one that holds more history. In 1408, thanks to the abundance of groundwater and the pureness of its air, the tower was converted in the royal residence. Marti I, the last king of the Casal of Barcelona, went to live there, in Bellesguard, until his death in 1410. Still today, it is possible to find the medival remains of the palace and its walls.
This work can be positioned between the gothic style and Catalan modernism movements. It’s probably Gaudi’s less known work despite not being any less touched by Gaudi’s genius.

Where is it? Carrer de Bellesguard, 16. Bus 60, stop Rotonda de Bellesguard or Ferrocarril (FGC), stop Avenida Tibidabo + approx. 15 minutes by foot.
Information and Reservations Here

More Gaudi …

Situated near Park Guell, this experience will enable you to watch a film with 4D glasses which explains the life, inspirations and achievements of Gaudi if a fun and unique way! It’s the ideal way to immerse yourself in the world of architects. Kids love this!
However, keep in mind that this activity is not reccomanded for children under 6 years of age.

Where is it? Carrer Larrard, 41. Metro L3, stop Vallcarca or Lesseps. Bus 24, 32, 92, 116 and H6. More information and reservations Here

Gaudí Exhibition Center

Situated in the in the square of the Cathedral of Barcelona, this space allows you to discovers original pieces and models which enable the understanding of the essence and heart of the works of this incredible architect. You can complete the visit with a virtual activity which takes you back to the time of Antoni Gaudi.
Entry is free for children under 8 years of age.

Where is it? Place de la Seu, 7. Metro L4, stop Jaume I y L3, stop Liceu.
More information and reservations Here


Gaudi outside of Barcelona: The crypt of the Colonia Guell

Discovering Antoni Gaudi: A game for ChildrenWith the construction of the textile factory in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, in 1890 Eusebi Güell started an ambitious project, a colonial industry; the factory, the living quarters of the workers, social structures and a place of worship. Antoni Gaudi was commissioned with the project of the realisation of church; here is the beginnings of the works that the architect will do in the Sagrada Familia.
Keep in mind that, if you chose to visit on Saturdays from 9:00 till 14:00, you will be able to discover a food market that sells fresh products from nearby farms.

Where is it? Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Colonia Güell. By Ferrocarril (FGC), from Plaça Espanya, línes S33, S8 and S4, stop Estació Colònia Güell.
More information and reservations Here









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